Five Secrets for Redtail Catfishing

Five secrets for redtail catfishing:

The redtail catfish will eat just about anything that comes their way. However, when fishing for them if you truly want success you need to use natural baits only. These include whole fish and the red piranha is its favorite. You can also fish with turtles and birds when seeking out this species because they’re always ready for a tasty meal.

The redtail catfish needs to be fished with heavy equipment. It has a large mouth so the hooks should be large. The average size hooks used for the redtail range from 8/0 to 14/0 in sizes. Use between 30 to 50 pound test line.

Search for the redtail in areas where there are lots of trees in and around the water. Look for them in the brushes near the waters edge not out in the deep parts of the water. This species seems to love this type of environment best.

The best time to go fishing for the redtail is during the night in the dry season. However, they can be caught during the day and other times of the year as well.

Always use good judgment when fishing for the redtail. Be careful and follow all safety rules. This can’t be stressed enough. Your safety should be your number one concern.

The redtail catfish can be a dangerous species to seek out so, it’s advised that only anglers with experience go in search of this beautiful but dangerous fish species. The redtail catfish are different from many other species. For one thing, they have a unique personality that makes them very interesting. Plus, they are intelligent and will definitely give you a run for your money. They won’t be hauled in without a fight and many anglers have even been known to give up after a long battle.

Fishing for the redtail catfish will not be like your ordinary fishing trip so you may want to learn more about this amazing species before you set out. It’s also a good idea to take food and drinks along with you on your fishing trip. It’s possible that you’ll be out on the water for quite some time when seeking out the redtail.

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