Homemade Catfish Baits

Once you have them covered in some sort of seasoning you’ll want to place them in the baggies. Use as many livers as you need because now you need to put them outside for the next one to three days. That’s right; get the livers as rotten as possible so that the fish will go crazy. While it might smell horrible to you it will drive the catfish nuts. Once they’re rotten you’ll want to place them in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

Rotten Sponge Chunks
This is probably the easiest recipe to follow when it comes to making catfish bait. This is especially useful when making the above bait or any other bait that involves letting meat rot. Since catfish are attracted to strong smells it doesn’t matter what’s actually on the hook as long as it smells. This bait is great for places where visibility is low and the fish has to rely completely on its sense of smell.

Cut up block sponges into small chunks that will fit onto your hook. Take any extra liquids from the livers or any other meats and soak the sponges in them for a few days. Don’t leave them for too long as you don’t want to dry them out. If the sponges are too dry they’ll just absorb water and not let out the stench.

Dough Balls
This bait is exactly what it sounds like, a ball of dough on the hook. Catfish are particular about what they eat and they love dough balls. Just about any type of dough will work but dough that doesn’t easily dry out will be the best to use. You want to dough to still be a bit moist when you take it out to use it. Another great thing about this bait is that you can season it in just about anything. Rotten meats, garlic, or anything else that has a strong odor will do when adding to the dough.

These bait s are great for catching all sorts of catfish. Finding the right combination of ingredients when it comes to making these baits will all depend on what you find works best. Some things will work better than others and some types of catfish will prefer one bait to another. Finding what works is another part of the fishing experience. When you find the bait that best works for you stick with it and you’ll never go wrong.

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