How to Choose Catfish Fishing Poles

Nightvision Rods
These rods have to be some of the most interesting you’ll ever come across. As the name suggests, these rods are meant for fishing in the dark. They are built tough and come with a light that helps you to see what you’re fishing. There’s also a light at the butt of the rod that allows you to see your line and bait when you bring it closer. These rods were meant for the angler that wants to catch catfish when they’re most active, early morning or late evening.

While it might seem that these fishing poles are only good for when it’s dark they’re not. You can use these rods even in the middle of the day; the light is only a bonus feature to these great rods. When fishing in poor visibility waters and areas you’ll find these to be quite helpful. Even when the days light is coming or going, these will prove quite useful.

Cabela’s European Predator
These poles are made for fishing catfish that are big and mean. When it comes to durability you can’t beat these amazing rods. Most catfish will weight in over two to three pounds. These poles are meant to catch these monstrous fish. If you plan on having a fight with a catfish you’ll want to bring one of these amazing rods along with you.

Most all of these rods can be found at affordable prices but some may cost more than others. Don’t feel bad about paying more money for a fishing rod if it’s worth it. Certain poles will come in multiple lengths while others only come in one standard size. Make sure that you get a fishing pole that not only suits your size but the size of the fish you’re going to be going after. It’s also important to keep more than one fishing rod with you when you can afford to do so.

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