Another Stinky Catfish Bait

Anglers use different baitfish for the main ingredient which is fine as long as it is something that will have a strong smell to get the attention of the catfish. The way to prepare and use the bait is the same no matter which main ingredient you use. You can spend a little time experimenting by trying different ingredients until you find the one that gets the results you are after. Once you find a combination that works you can continue to make it the same way each time you go fishing.

One Last Thought

Catfish will continue to be one of the most popular species of fish around as long as there are fishermen to reel them in. They have so much to offer the angler regardless of what skill level you are. Catfish can grow to some amazing sizes that provide the angler many opportunities to reel in a trophy fish anytime you go out on the water. They are also some of the best tasting fish there is. Considering how popular they are, it is no wonder everyone is looking for that one bait that helps them get the most bites and chum bait is at the top of the list.

When you use a stinky catfish bait recipe to help you catch your limit, you do need to be prepared to reel them in. This means having all the tools needed to pull them in and to remove them from the hook without getting stuck. As you are probably aware the pectoral fins of the catfish can cause some serious damage and should be avoided at all times. Make sure you have a thick pair of gloves and a sturdy pair of pliers on hand because you will need them when you go catfish fishing with chum bait.

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