A Stinky Catfish Bait Recipe – And How To Fish It

Some other ingredients you can use for stinky bait are shad guts, possum or even peanut butter. The peanut butter recipe has cheese that is old. You would use about eighty percent of the stinky cheese, calf starter from a local feed store, about five percent, dried animal blood, about five percent and peanut butter and flour, both about five percent.

Mix these ingredients, minus the flour, together in a blender until creamy. Then slowly add the flour until you have the right texture. Then use the Cat Tracker worms in an egg mixture and coat with the creamy mixture and allow hardening a bit.

If you see a possum on the side of the road, stop and pick it up. Skin the possum and cut it up into small pieces. Use the possum pieces on your test line with a hook or on a trotline. This has been called the best stinky bait, but you have to find the dead possum in order to have this work. Although all these baits will work, you should use one that you can stand the smell of or it might cause some problems. Never feel bad if you get sick while making the bait. Even the best of anglers have succumbed to sickness from time to time.

If the time comes when you need stinky bait, look for the easiest one to use. The best thing about this bait is it should not have to cost you that much money if any. You can find some of the stinky stuff in meat market or ask them to save it for you to save you the trouble of finding it. You will have yourself the best free bait to catch the famous and much sought after catfish anywhere.

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