The Best Bait For Catfishing

Then cut the flat slab into cubes before it cools all the way. Put the cubes into a zip-lock bag to keep it moist. You can use these cubes to catch a catfish with a baitholder hook or a bait hook. The catfish attract to the smell and taste of this stinky bait.

These are the two top stinky baits used. However, there are many recipes for stinky bait. You can use just about anything for stinky bait. The more it smells, the more it will attract the catfish. You just need a place to keep the bait after you make it unless you plan to share it with friends or use it all in one day. The amount you make at one time will depend on how often you go fishing. If you fish a few times a week, you can use a large recipe, but you might need to cut it in half if you only fish occasionally. You do not want the bait to lose its stink appeal. This would defeat the purpose of making the stinky bait.

If you decide to do some catfish fishing, you will find that any of these baits will work. However, catfish do bite at anything. They will eat minnows, frogs, other fish and even have been known to eat possum. It is al up to the angler as to what bait to use for catfish fishing. Take the time to study what other anglers are using as well. Every area has a different type of catfish. It might be as simple as catching a catfish with a pice of herring or a plastic worm dipped in a stinky bait mixture. Enjoy a great day of fishing the most sought after fish.

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