Catfish Tackle Preparation

The most important thing to remember about catfish fishing is that the cats are spooked easily and you need to give them a presentation that is appealing. Your tackle plays a part in catching the fish, but catfish are generally fish that eat everything. One thing that many people do not know is that a catfish will want to eat Ivory soap that is prepared as stinky bait. This tells you that you can present the catfish with anything that smells.

If you are going after the big cats, you might consider a forty-pound or more test line. These fish are fighters and will wear you down. If your test line is not adequate, you can lose a trophy fish. The hook is important as well. Most anglers have different hooks. The best hook is the one that will embed in the cat’s mouth and not give or bend when the fight starts. You do not want to buy cheap hooks. You need hooks that are made of materials that are durable and can hold the shape and not break.

Any sporting goods store will have a variety of tackle you need for catfish fishing. It is important to remember that for catfish fishing, you do not need to spend a lot of money to have success. Whether you are drifting or standing on shore, you will have some bites. The cats are night feeders as well as bottom feeders, so make sure you have the sinkers to get to the bottom where they lurk.

You will have a great time fishing with or without stinky bait, but maybe you could see some of the recipes that are sure attractions for the catfish.

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