Grandpappy’s Homemade Catfish Bait For Slamming Lunkers

Fresh Chicken Blood and Guts

All the chicken guts from butchered and cleaned chickens
Capture all the blood and keep in a h=jar until needed
Five-gallon bucket

Place all the guts, blood and garlic into a five-gallon bucket and cover. Let this stand for two weeks. Open the lid slowly and add more garlic, stir and cover. Let stand for another three weeks and it will be ready. The bucket should be kept in a hot place.

When he was ready to fish, he would take what he needed for the day in a smaller bucket. He would come back with catfish every time. He was always thinking up new homemade recipes for the stinky bait. He always said that the catfish was like a scavenger and would eat anything that smelled. Grandpappy was right. He fished for cats until he was seventy-six years old before he decided to retire. Granny and Grandpappy always enjoyed a good catfish dinner.

The lakes and rivers that he fished were popular, but it seemed that grandpappy was always the one catching the fish. When he retired, he shared his recipes with friends and family. Some of the recipes were so stinky that most of the wives would not let their husbands in the house to make them. The biggest catfish that grandpappy caught was the seventy-two pounder, but he never gave up trying to catch something bigger. No matter which recipe, you use, you can make sure you catch a catfish that is a good size for eating. When you clean them, save the guts and heads for more bait.

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