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Anytime you are looking for information on Catfishing, In Fisherman Catfish Information Review is a good place to start your search. The In Fisherman Magazine is published eight times a year by the Intermedia Enthusiast Group. It delivers more in-depth fishing information than any other fishing magazine I know of.

For example, if you are looking for information on drift fishing for catfish, you can find reviews that will guide you ever step of the way such as this In Fisherman Catfish Information Review on Dirt fishing that provides information such as the new preference for drift fishing.

This magazine provides a comprehensive assessment of the various catfish fishing hot spots all over the world, including regulations and sweet spots found there. The assessments include season specifics, weather tips, lodging information, launching information, guide services and amenities. Not only that, there are product reviews, based not on sponsorship issues but on trial and error usage and personal experience of seasoned catfish anglers. There is no bias toward more commonly recognized sport fishing categories, giving catfish anglers the respect they deserve.

New catfishing trends and techniques are explored and examined. Various types of fishing equipment are reviewed, with comprehensive price lists, availability and shopping information. New products are discussed and advertized. Lures, lines, tackle, hooks, and all the necessary fishing equipment are also reviewed and examined in detail to enhance your fishing expertise and enjoyment. Why spend all your time determining what works for you blindly? You can get a heck of a head start just tapping into the powerful resource that is In Fisherman!

For example, consider a recent story in In Fisherman examining the practice of drift fishing! Main stream fishermen have long adhered to the practice of anchored boats and still fishing, but a growing number of fishermen have made it clear that, in their minds, drift fishing is the single best way to approach catfishing, particularly in the summertime.

While most catfish anglers insist on adhering to the principles that they learn early on of location being the main concern when catfishing, In Fisherman examines the possibility that there might be, if not a better way, an equally successful way to fish when it comes to catching catfish.

Citing respected expert anglers who feel that drift fishing is a great way to catch a boatload of cats, adds the element of experienced knowledge to the whole scenario, catching the attention and respect of their target audience.

While In Fisherman does not advocate any one type of fishing to any other type, nor does it advocate any particular brands or product names over any others, they do provide assessments and recommendations based on various anglers’ experiences with them. This gives a broad range of experience from which to draw upon.

The article on drift fishing, for example, goes on to examine how to choose great drift fishing locations, equipment you will need, specific equipment you might want to try when exploring the practice of drift fishing, lures, baits, and techniques to help provide a good experience to readers who have decided to try drift fishing for catfish as an alternative to traditionally anchored fishing.

Finally, how to assess the successfulness of the adventure and improve future drift fishing trips is explored as well, giving all new drift fishermen the opportunity to make the most of their experience without having to spend months of trial and error to perfect it. In Fisherman really goes the distance as a fishing publication providing a good service to fishermen everywhere, not just on catfishing but on all types of fishing experiences.

To get the full “In Fisherman Catfish Information Pastime and Passion” article you’ll need to download it here.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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