Walk Lightly Fishing Small Catfish Ponds

Techniques and Bait Used in Ponds

For the most part catfish are bottom feeders so any method that allows you to reach the bottom of the pond is a great choice. You need to try and keep the bait about half a foot above the bottom where the catfish will notice it the most.

Stink baits are always a good choice when you are fishing for catfish. Their keen sense of smell draws them to the bait. However, if stink bait is not an option for you then worms, shrimp and artificial lures are all good choices as well. Most of the time catfish are not very picky eaters. If they can fit it in their mouth they will eat it.

If you decide to lay your rod down while the bait is still in the water it is important that you make sure you have it secured in some way. Catfish are very aggressive and when they take your bait you only have a few seconds to respond. They will pull your rod over the bank and into the water before you have time to grab it if you are not careful.

Even when you go catfish fishing in a small pond they will be more active during the night than they are during the day. Therefore, if you can go out anytime between late evening and early morning you will get the best results.

Nevertheless, if you present your bait in the right way they can be persuaded to take it anytime. Once you experience all the benefits of fishing in a small pond for catfish you will want to make it part of your regular routine.

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