Picking The Right Catfish Rod And Reels

The power of a rod is determined by the different size fishing line and lure weights that it can handle without putting a strain on the rod. For example, the ultra-light rods can only handle test line ranging between 2 to 6 pounds and lure weights that are only 1/32 to � ounce. A heavy rod design can handle the heaviest test lines and weights made.

There are many different types of reels available but the five main categories of reels are listed below.

Casting Reels
Spinning Reels
Fly Reels
Salt Water Reels
Trolling Reels

You can use either one of them for catfish fishing depending on which method you are using and your fishing location. Now that you know a little about the different rod and reels that are available you can narrow it down more for the type of catfish fishing you plan to do.

The Secret of Success

The secret is to match up the right rod and reel together and then match this combination to the type of catfish you are going after. This way you will get the best possible results from every one of your fishing trips.

When fishing for channel catfish a medium power rod with a fast action casting reel would work the best. If you plan to fish with bait that could easily be slung off your hook such as minnows or chicken livers, then a moderate fast action rod and reel is recommended. Fast action and medium power rods are recommended for jigging and the heavy action rods combined with spinning reels are best used for blue cats and flathead catfish. They have the strength and power to reel in these species of catfish without breaking.

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