Select The Right Catfish Hooks For The Job

Another consideration is the kind of cat for which you are fishing. If you are fishing, for example for flathead cat, consider the current first. If there is a good current, consider using a 2/0 bait holder, and just hook right through the nostrils. If there is no current, try from a 4/0 up to a 6/0 baitholder and hook through the anal fin in order to present a free swimming rig, or through the back to present as if your bait is naturally floating.

So, in summary, if you are using light tackle, consider number 1 to 4 hooks, or a snelled hook. If you are fishing with chicken liver, consider a treble hook. Medium tackle, use about a number 6 treble hook if you are using molded bait or chicken liver. You can always wrap your liver in old panty hose to help keep it on the line, or you can just heavily salt your liver with garlic salt and cure it in the sun for a day before you use it, to help it stay on your hook better, if you need to.

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