Setting Up Catfishing Rigs

When it comes to bigger, monster sized catfish, you want to move up to heavy tackle to wrestle these big boys out of the water.  When it comes to drama and excitement, nothing beats getting out the heavy tackle and fishing for something you can brag about for years to come.  Fishing for big catfish means fishing big water and big gear, so get ready!

Now, if you are going to be fishing for a big cat, you are going to need some strong gear.  There are several companies that make equipment designed specifically for big catfish, and this specially designed gear will certainly work well, but many anglers just use medium duty saltwater gear as well.

It is strictly up to you which gear to use, but if you already have saltwater gear designed to catch big fish, there is really no need to purchase different gear to catch big catfish.  A medium-heavy to heavy action rod will get the job done if you are fishing a big body of water for a big, old monster catfish.

Heavy duty spinning reels or bait casting reels loaded with anywhere from a twenty pound test line to a fifty pound test line will work well.  Another consideration will be the kinds of water you are fishing.  If there is lots of cover out there on which you can get hung up, consider using a slightly heavier test line for fishing.

Now, when it comes to rigging for big catfish, thread on about an ounce and a half egg sinker, then follow that with a barrel swivel.   Add on about a three foot leader, using about thirty pound test monofilament line.  Tie on about a 6/0 hook (you can go down in size if the water is very clear) and change the size of the hook according to the size bait you use and the size catfish you hope to catch.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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