Fishing For Spoonbill Catfish

You will need to target areas where there are big river spillways, at dams when they open the spillways, and only very active rapids, because you literally have to cast into the rushing water, then actively muscle the hook back to you, pulling and then reeling like mad, pulling, then reeling like mad, until you get the hook all the way in, and if there is no fish on it, simply casting it back out to try again.  Spoonbill are large monsters, though.  They are normally in the 50 pound range but can get substantially larger.

Some people snag fishing for spoonbill catfish actually utilize custom made boats controlled by a remote control to carry their line out around 175 yards or so to get it into the rapids where you could actually snag a spoonbill.  Most snagging is done from the bank, but some people do snag fish from a boat as well.  Just remember…these are very big, strong fish, and many a bank fisherman has found himself going for a dunk from the bank, and be safe if you decide to snag fish for spoonbill catfish.

Spoonbill do have an uncanny prehistoric appearance, and they are somewhat unconventional when it comes to fishing methods, but they do produce tasty eating and a heck of a fight for anglers who relish the action.  The roe of spoonbill cats has even begun to be processed into what is considered world class caviar.

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