Stinky Catfish Bait Recipe

Just make your dough balls (this works well when you want to put cheese bait on your hook too…just melt the cheese a little bit in your microwave and push the hook up through it. Let it harden and simply change the hook when you need fresh bait rather than rebaiting one hook each time) ahead of time and bait several hooks. Allow the dough bait to dry slightly on the hook, and it will hold on there much better. Sometimes you can even catch several fish on the same baited hook, because the stinky catfish bait stays on so well.

All you have to do is put snaps on the ends of the droplines so you can easily remove the hooks. Then just pre-bait your hooks at home and put them on after you have set the line out (You won’t need to remove the drop lines if you have the hooks off). To put the cheese on the hooks, simply heat some cheese cubes in the microwave just long enough to soften them a little bit. Next, all you have to do is push the eye of the hook up into the cheese cube. This will keep the hard, crumbly cheese in tact without it splitting and cracking so that it falls off the hook.

Once your hooks are baited, just put them in a ziplock bag and you are ready to go fishing. If you let them stand a day or two, the cheese will get hard and adhere to the hook, and the bait will stay on even after you catch a fish. It is not uncommon to be able to put the same baited hook back out several times before you have to change it.

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