Good Spots and Tips for Catching Catfish in Texas

The blue catfish make their home in the big major rivers of Texas and eat mostly frogs, fish, crayfish and mollusks. They make their home under structures, in logs and under brush. You will get the best results when you use cut bait, stink bait and live shiners when fishing for blue cats.

Shiners and churbs work very well for catching the flathead catfish and you will find them located under logs and around other types of structures both man made and natural. The best fishing time for the flathead catfish in Texas is during the nighttime hours. The white catfish found in Texas are mostly found in the streams, canals, creeks and the smaller rivers. They mainly feed off of other fish but they will also eat the eggs of fish, aquatic plants and insects. The white catfish are not a nocturnal species. This means that the best time to catch them is during the daytime hours.

Fishing for catfish is an exciting experience that you will never forget. They put up a great fight and can be a challenge that you won’t soon forget.

When you go catfish fishing make sure you take the right gear. You need tackle that is strong enough to handle the catfish, so you can reel in the big ones when you find them.

You also need to take along a good, thick pair of gloves and a pair of pliers so you will be able to remove the hook from the catfish without being stuck by its fin. This can be very painful so you want to do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Using these tips can help you have a lot of fun and reel in more fish each time you go catfish fishing in Texas.

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