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Three tips to catch a huge catfish

There are some very large catfish out there. Do you want to be able to catch them? These are three tips that I have to share with you to make it happen. Catfish are great looking and they are tasty so the bigger ones are certainly worth going after! Bait Selection Once catfish get to a certain size they are more predatory hunters than when they are small. The smaller ones are bottom feeders and they [...]

Four Tactics for Catching Spanish Catfish

Catfish fishing is something that’s enjoyed all over the globe and Spain is no exception. One of the best places to fish for catfish in Spain is the River Ebro. The catfish was first introduced by a German scientist around thirty years ago in a lake called the “Sea of Aragon”. This species adapted and grew in population eventually working their way downstream into the Ebro River. [...]

Three secrets to catch the largest catfish

Catching some of the largest catfish around is not an easy task. This is a strong species so the larger the fish the more of a fight you’ll have on your hands. This makes fishing for them a challenge and one of the main reasons anglers looking for an exciting fishing trip are attracted to them. One of the great things about fishing for large catfish is that anyone can fish for them regardless [...]

Three Fishing Tactics for the Channel Catfish

Fishing for the channel catfish can be a lot of fun and very exciting. This type of catfish won’t grow to be as big as some of the other types but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Channel catfish weighing over fifty pounds have been recorded but the average size is four pounds. To catch one of the bigger ones, you’ll need to be fishing in the ideal environment for this [...]

Four Fishing Secrets to Catch Flathead in Kansas

Kansas is an excellent place to go fishing for flathead catfish. In fact, you can find this species in just about any body of water you choose to fish within this state. You can also find the blue cat, channel and bullhead catfish in Kansas but the flathead is plentiful and sought out by anglers all across the area. The flathead is one of the biggest in the catfish family preceded only by the blue [...]

Best baits and gear for speckled catfish fishing

The speckled catfish, also known as the channel cat, is a very popular game fish. They’re not as large as some of the other types of catfish such as the flathead and the blue cat but they can be just as much fun to catch. Once you hook one of these fish they’ll fight you all the way to shore making each fishing trip one to remember. This is one of the reasons why they are sought out along [...]

Four Tasty Catfish Recipes

There are many great catfish recipes but these are 4 that I really like to make. Not only are they simple but they are delicious. Since catfish are very common they are among the types of fish that people often get. With these recipes you can dress them up and not have to eat them the same way all the time. Catfish Gumbo This is great for anyone that loves gumbo! Ingredients: Catfish fillets (approximately [...]

Four Catfish Jugging Tips

Catfish jugging can be quite beneficial but some people are puzzled or even frustrated by it. Hopefully these 4 tips though will help you to be able to do very well with it. Keep in mind that it will take time as you learn something new. Yet the more you use these tips the easier it will become for you. Jugging helps you to be able to see where the catfish are striking because your jug won’t [...]

How to Make a Catfishing Rig

There are quite a few different styles of cat fishing rigs out there. Some of them allow you to fish off the top of the water with a bobber. Others are designed to allow you to fish off the bottom so you use them in conjunction with a sinker. There are also those that have multiple hooks on them. For tying your swivels and hooks on the line try the Palomar knot. I have been using this type of knot [...]

Five Tactics to try when Grabbing Catfish

There are several ways to catch catfish and one of them is called noodling or handfishing. This is a method in which the angler actually catches the catfish by grabbing it with their bare hands. This is a technique that was first used centuries ago and many anglers continue to practice it today. It’s a simple way to fish that doesn’t require any special gear but you will need an adventurous [...]

Three Oklahoma Catfishing Tips

Oklahoma is an excellent place to go catfishing. It’s mostly a warm-water state which provides the perfect environment for the catfish to grow and multiply. This species can be found in all types of waters such as lakes, rivers, streams and even ponds. The catfish has a very aggressive nature that makes fishing for them fun and exciting. Once you hook a catfish you’re going to be in for [...]

Hooked on Whiskerfish

Dear sir, I love catfishing year round, this year has been different ’cause I hav’nt caught any bragable cats. It’s warm season here in north al. Guntersville. I’ve tried differnt types, sizes, shapes, using my homegrown redworms and chicken liver. Seems all I’m doing is feeding them. Have no trouble getting hits in 5 minutes or less after in water, the most is setting [...]

Five tactics to catch more Utah catfish

There are a variety of different catfish found in Utah and it’s a great place to get out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while reeling in the fish. Utah catfish fishing is a fun and exciting way to spend time with family or friends and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can compete with each other to see who reels the most fish or who catches the largest one. Just remember [...]

Four places to catfish in Ohio

Fishing is a popular sport that millions of people take part in each year and Ohio is an excellent place to go fishing. The catfish is basically a bottom feeder that will eat most anything that’ll fit into its mouth so finding good bait is not too difficult. Nevertheless, bait that has an odor seems to work the best since the catfish uses its great sense of smell to seek out food. Experienced [...]

How to build a catfish slat trap

There are many different methods used to catch catfish but one method that is not practiced as often as some of the others is using catfish slat trap. The slat trap is a rectangular box designed in a special way that allows the catfish to get inside but it can’t get back out. Some of them are designed with a cone shaped entrance and some of the others have the opening designed at an angle. The [...]

How to buy the right catfishing rods and when to use them

The fishing rods that you use when catfish fishing will greatly affect the outcome of your fishing trip. The catfish is a strong species that can wreak havoc on your equipment. Choosing the right fishing rod for the job will greatly increase the odds of reeling in more catfish and the following information can help you make a good choice. There are many things that determine how a catfishing rod performs. [...]

What baits and gear to try when catfishing in NC

North Carolina is a beautiful state with many excellent ways to spend your free time from visiting the gorgeous mountains to the sandy beaches. Fishing is right there at the top of the list when it comes to great ways to spend your free time. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sports found in NC and the catfish is one of the most sought out game fish in the area. There are many lakes, rivers [...]

Five questions to ask your catfishing guide before the trip

Before you start out any cat fishing trip there are 5 questions you need to ask your guide. Don’t make assumptions because you will find that there is a wide spectrum of differences of what can be offered in terms of these expeditions. Some of them have everything you can think of and others are very minimal. What is Included? You always want to know what is included in your charter. There [...]

Five Mississippi Flathead Catfish Fishing Tips

Mississippi flathead catfish fishing is fun, entertaining and relaxing all atthe same time. The flathead is one of the most interesting species in the catfish family, which is one of the reasons so many anglers choose to seek them out. This species is one of the most challenging because they spend most of their adult life alone. This makes them harder to find unlike species that swim together in groups. [...]

Three tactics for Mississippi catfishing

Mississippi catfishing has a lot to offer anglers of all ages and skill levels. Anyone can catch catfish as long as you have a heavy duty rod and reel set and lots of patience. The catfish are plentiful in Mississippi and there are several different types of them found in these waters such as, the flathead, white, channel and blue cat. It’s important to have the right gear because some types [...]
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