Any Tips For Catching Catfish At Sawyer Point, Cincinnati?

Any tips for catching catfish on sawyer point, Cincinnati – on the pier?

Sure! When it comes to catching catfish on Sawyer Point in Cincinnati, on the pier, just concentrate your efforts by fishing near the structure. Fish deep when it is very cold or very warm. Fish shallow from dusk to dawn, and remember that night time fishing is always a good idea when it comes to fishing structure. If you see baitfish around the structure, rest assured there will be some health catfish hanging around nearby to snag the unsuspecting forage they are seeking. Remember to use heavier test line then you think you need, catfish can fight and they can be bigger than you expect. Braided line works well for catfish too, particularly in conditions where the water is murky and visibility is not as much of an issue when it comes to catching the fish. When it comes to bait, just remember that if you can find a lure or natural bait that closely mimics the natural forage in the area, you will maximize the possibility of coming home with a good sized catch. If you run into finicky fish, who have plenty of forage, you might need to tempt them with some bait they find hard to resist. Consider curing some chicken hearts by coating them liberally with garlic salt and allowing them to dry slightly in the sun. Put this on a treble hook, and you will be surprised at how well it stays on your hook. Another option you rarely hear about is beef liver, which tends to be bloodier than chicken liver, and will tempt the most choosy cats in the area.

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