Are blue catfish or flathead catfish bigger?

What’s bigger, blue catfish or flathead catfish? Do I catch them the same?

Between blue catfish and flatheads, blues are generally bigger. Blue catfish are the big daddies of the catfish world, and these are the ones you always hear guys talking about when they say they want to land a trophy fish. Flatheads have a maximum length of about 56 inches. This is quite long compared to other species of catfish, like channel cats and white catfish. Blue catfish are often found to be around 55 or so inches long, but they are often much longer than that. If there are longer flathead catfish somewhere, nobody has ever seen them yet. But, when it comes to weight, that’s where blue catfish really rule the roost. Blue catfish are the heaviest known catfish in the world. On average, they are much thicker than flatheads and channel cats. The biggest catfish caught on record was a blue cat, weighing in at around 60 pounds. This is quite a catch, but there are blue cats lurking at lake and river bottoms that weigh in at as much as 100 pounds. You’d better be ready for a serious fight if you want to land that one! When you hear guys talking about landing that big trophy fish, it’s usually blue catfish that they’re going for. These bottom dwellers are the kings of the catfish world, at least in North America. If you’re up for the trip, you’ll find bigger catfish in the wilds of the Amazon or the rivers of South Africa, but back home it’s the blues that are biggest.

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