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There are many different bait choices you can use for catching Catfish. The choice is primarily dependant on the body of water you are fishing and the species of Catfish you are attempting to catch. For Bullheads for instance there are many bait choices. Small minnows, nitecrawlers, corn and fresh bread dough are all excellent choices. These fish are quite readily available to bite your hook and provide a steady stream of action for the angler. As you start to fish for larger species of Catfish you will want to focus your efforts on using live fish for bait. In the absence of live fish the next best alternative you have is freshly killed and cut fish. Don’t use anything but the best available bait. Remember that this species of fish is feeds more through its sense of smell that it does from its sight. Catfish can smell blood in the water in concentrations as low as several parts per million. Because of this feature I like to make a subtle adjustment to my live bait when I fish. I will cut a small portion of the tail off the fish before I cast it into the water. This will serve two purposes. First it will cause the fish to swim erratically and entice fish using their sonar sense to feed. Secondly it will cause a small amount of blood to enter the water. This water acts like a chum; Catfish will sense the blood in water and move towards it.

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