Bank Catfishing In West Texas

I live in Hobbs NM.Where is the closest place to catch catfish from the bank in Texas.Thanks

Here are some of the best West Texas catfishing spots where you can catch catfish from the bank… Probably the best spot close to New Mexico would be Lake J. B. Thomas, just north of Big Spring. Head east on Highway 180, pass Lamesa and look for signs for fishing spots around Gail. Lake J. B. Thomas has blues, channel cats and flatheads, and some of them are pretty big. It’s also a great spot for fishing because there are lots of camping and picnic areas. It’s a great place for some family catfish fishing. Lake O. H. Ivie, just east of San Angelo, has some good West Texas catfishing. That might be a little bit of a drive, but it’s well worth it. Be sure you use live bait, and you can catch catfish from the bank. Lake Colorado City is closer to New Mexico, and there are some big catfish there, but you might have longer to wait between bites. The “Catfish Capital of Texas” (so ordained by the Texas Legislature a few years ago) is West Tawakoni, Texas. This would be several hours drive from Hobbs, but it’s well worth it for the best catfishing the whole state of Texas has to offer. It’s just east of Quinlan, Texas. Anybody will tell you that you can’t leave West Tawakoni without some great catfish catches. There are also lots of camping areas, so it’s a great place for a vacation.

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