Best baits and gear for speckled catfish fishing

The speckled catfish, also known as the channel cat, is a very popular game fish. They’re not as large as some of the other types of catfish such as the flathead and the blue cat but they can be just as much fun to catch.
Once you hook one of these fish they’ll fight you all the way to shore making each fishing trip one to remember. This is one of the reasons why they are sought out along with the fact that they taste great.

The speckled catfish has smooth skin on its body that’s covered with specks when it’s small and this is where it gets its name but these spots begin to diminish as the fish ages. It has a forked tail, a small dorsal fin located up high on its back, between twenty-five and twenty-nine rays on its anal fin and its upper jaw overlaps the lower one.

They prefer water with clean bottoms covered with gravel, stones or sand but can sometimes be found in areas where the bottoms are muddy. They can often be found below dams because these areas are usually heavily populated with baitfish. They stay primarily on the bottom so using a method that gets the bait down where they are is necessary. Drift fishing, jigging and bottom bouncing are all good methods to use because these make it easy to get your bait where you need it.

Best Bait to Use When Fishing for Speckled Catfish

The speckled catfish will eat a variety of foods so finding something to get its attention is not that difficult. Nevertheless, like so many other species of fish, they do take spells where they are moody and picky about what they eat. These are the times when you need to know which baits attract them the most so you can try different things until you find something that gets their attention.

Some of the best natural baits to use include the following:
* Minnows
* Night crawlers
* Shrimp
* Herring
* Stink bait
* Clams
* Chicken livers
* Crayfish
* Dough bait
* Cheese bait

Best artificial baits to try include:
* Crankbaits
* Jigs
* Spinners
* Spoons

The best bait to use will depend on a number of different things such as where and when you’re fishing along with which method you’re using. The water temperature, time of day you go fishing and cold fronts moving in all affect the way this species act when taking bait along with many other things. Therefore, it would be difficult to know exactly which baits to use and when. For example, the speckled catfish may be highly attracted to minnows one day and not touch them the next. You never really know what they’ll respond to until you get out on the water.

The best thing to do is to always carry a variety of baits with you each time you go fishing and experiment a little. Make note of what attracts the speckled catfish the most and under what type of conditions this particular bait worked the best. This will help you learn what gets their attention the most and when it was the most effective.
Eventually, you’ll know what to start off using based on the conditions in which you’re fishing. This is how you become an experienced angler.

Best Gear to Use When Fishing for Speckled Catfish

When it comes to gear, you have a variety of options because you don’t need anything special to hook and reel in this species. It’s basically your choice but there are a few things that can help increase the number of bites you get.

For example, the slip sinker rig is a great choice when bottom fishing and the slip float rig is preferred when fishing in shallow water. Treble hooks ranging from size 4 to 8 are often used for this species because they secure the catfish better. When it comes to fishing rods, the ugly stik medium light-action catfish rods are a good choice to start off using. These are sensitive enough to detect the bite but strong enough to handle the struggle once you do hook one. When it comes to length, rods ranging between six to eight feet are recommended because they usually suit most anglers.

This is just a guideline that you can go by when choosing speckled catfish fishing gear. It’s important to choose gear that is suited for you personally. It would be uncomfortable to try and fish with a fishing rod that was too large or too small. Trying to use a baitcaster reel when you only have experience with a spinning reel is going to hinder your fishing experience. Start out with what you feel comfortable using. If you need or want to make changes, you can do so slowly giving yourself time to practice with new gear.

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