What’s the Best Catfish Fishing Pole? A Look at Some of the Most Popular Models

HT Enterprises Ol’ Whiskers

This is an excellent quality rod for a price anybody can afford. You don’t have to skip any meals to buy one of these with the price at under $20, and you can usually find one for more like $12. That low price doesn’t mean it’s a cheaply made rod. HT Enterprises was one of the first companies to make catfish-specific rods. These rods have a strong ceramic guide and comfortable, extra-length handles so that you can grip them with ease. They also all come with glow in the dark tips that, unlike some of the other companies that make a big deal out of them, actually do glow in the dark. Ol’ Whiskers are not the best for catching big catfish, and if you have a monster of a cat fighting on the end of it, you might have some trouble. But, they are excellent for smaller channel cats. At that price, they are definitely worth a try.

Zebco Quantum Big Cat

Zebco is a trusted name in fishing rods, and the Quantum Big Cat model is known for having some serious backbone. These rods are great for reeling in big cats. Their guides are aluminum oxide, with a stainless steel reel-seat and use E-Glass. The tip is chrome plated to keep it from getting damaged, and the grip is made of cork so that it is easy to hold. These are not the best rods for catching the little cats, but they are perfect for bringing in the big boys. They are tough, well-made and the materials used make it easy to clean.

If you’re a first-time angler, it’s always best to start on the cheaper and lighter models and work your way up. You have to get a good feel for catfishing before you’ll really know what you want.

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