Best Technique For Catfish Fishing

When and How to Drift Fish for Cats
In order to get the best results when using this technique for catfish fishing,you need to know when the best time to go fishing would be. You can drift fish for cats during the day if that’s the only time you can go out. You may be able to find a good location that renders lots of bites. However, the best time to drift fish for catfish is in the late evening hours, overnight and early morning. This is when the catfish will be the most aggressive.

You’ll need to go up above where you suspect the catfish to be and allow your boat to drift with the current while your lines are baited and ready for action. If there’s not a current strong enough to move you at a decent speed, then you’ll need a trolling motor to ease you through the water. Remember to keep it slow because you don’t want to move any faster than the current would move naturally. Drift fishing downstream allows the bait to appear more natural so the catfish will strike at it willingly.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have the right equipment when seeking out the catfish. They have been known to break a few lines and it would be easy for them to snap a stiff rod right in half. This is especially true if you’re seeking out one of the big boys. Even a small catfish can put up quite a struggle. It’s always a great idea to carry along an extra rod and reel and fishing line. You never know for sure what you’ll run into when fishing for cats and it’s always better to be prepared.

Drift fishing for cats can be an amazing experience. This species can be a challenge that you won’t soon forget and fishing for cats have all the makings of a great fishing story just waiting to be told. You can have a successful fishing adventure when you use the right technique, bait and have plenty of patients. Sometimes, it may take awhile to entice this aggressive but stubborn species to strike but it’ll be worth the wait.

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