Big Catfish Bait

what kindof bait for the big cats

If your main goal is to catch large Catfish then I suggest using fish for bait. You can certainly use live fish. Sunfish, Bluegills and Yellow Perch all make for good bait to hook into a big Catfish. A better alternative may be using cut fish for bait. When you use cut fish for bait it is important that you use fish that has either been freshly killed or freshly thawed after having been freshly killed. I suggest cutting the fish in half and using the section from the middle of the fish to the tail. Cut bait does offer several advantages to an angler: 1) When you cut the piece of fish you will use for bait you have control over the size of the bait. 2) When you use the tail section of the fish you have an excellent place to hook the bait. By hook the bait directly into the tough bony tail you insure the bait will not come off even if you cast it a great distance. 3) When you use cut blade copious amounts of blood enter the water. This blood acts as a chum that will attract Catfish from long distances to your bait. Catfish are scent feeders that will react to chum in a positive manner. 4) When you cut a bait that you have freshly caught you are using the exact species of fish the Catfish are normally feeding on. That is the goal of fishing, to best replicate the natural forage of the Catfish.

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