Big Channel ANd Flathead Catfish Pond Bait

i have a pond with big channel and flathead catfish i put in there. But everything i use does not work what bait or live bait would u suggest? And how to fish it.

Ok, first off, you did not mention whether your pond is big or small or the average size of the catfish in your pond. I am going to give you some general information and suggestions that are sure to help, but based on the lack of information, you will probably have to do some trial and error before hitting on a combination (or combinations, because even in your pond, the bait that works best will vary depending on weather and water conditions) that will work best for you. First, it is always best to match the natural forage if you are using natural bait. It is often difficult to do that in smaller ponds, because the forage tends to fluctuate, particularly in cold weather. As a result, you might want to substitute some old stand by recipes and bait suggestions. Begin by considering the size of the fish you are after. Small bait catches small fish, large bait catches large fish. When you can, choose live fish (such as minnows) or worms. To you’re your hook with live minnows, hook it once through the upper back in the meat of the minnow. Clip its tail just a bit, so its swim will be off and it will act like a wounded fish. The wounded aspect makes it hard to resist by the catfish. Fresh cut fish would be the next choice. To fish it, just size it to the size fish you want to catch, hook it well, and fish away! Next would be liver, soap bait, or commercial or homemade dough bait.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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