Build a channel catfish trap

8.      Cut out a trap door in the side or the back of the trap that you can use to remove the catfish once trapped. This can be held closed with a piece of twine or wire that can be easily removed.

9.      Tie a rope to the top of the trap that can be used to submerge it under the water and pull it back out again. You can also use it to secure the trap in place so the current won’t move it around.

10.   You’re now ready to bait the trap and put it into place.

To help secure your trap fold the cut ends of the wire in over itself in each section and this will help hold it together. It’s important for the trap to be tight and secure in order to hold the catfish or they will simply break free.

The channel catfish is long and slender and this is one of the reasons why traps work so well for this species. You can build several traps and place them in different areas so you’ll have a better chance of catching more fish. Then you can simply make your rounds and keep a check on all of your traps.

However, it’s important to realize that some states don’t allow fishing with traps. For this reason, you’ll need to check the laws in your area to make sure it’s legal to use before you put them out. Some areas may allow them but have strict guidelines that you must adhere to. The channel catfish needs to be able to move around in order to breath. Therefore, the trap must be large enough to prevent them from suffocating and dying.

If you decide to fish for the channel cat with traps, it’s vital that you take responsibility and use the traps wisely. Never leave the trap unattended for longer than twelve hours but it’s recommended that you check it more often than that. It’s important to check the trap every few hours because you don’t want to leave a fish to die inside your trap.

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