Can you give me a few of your best catfish fishing secrets?

Can you give me a few of your best catfishing secrets?

The first thing to remember about catfish fishing is it not about techniques as much as it is about the bait. The bait you that you use does vary from water to water and location to location. Try to use the baitfish that inhabits the waters that you will be fishing in. If you are fishing water that has shiners or crawdads, use those baitfish over something that you would use on a different water. There is however, one bait that will work on any water Catfish like and respond to stinky bait. Use something that you can make yourself. Use any of the stinky bait recipes found here on this site. The next secret for catching catfish is to go for the smaller fish rather than the larger trophy sized catfish. The big ones are great to catch, but they are also harder to catch. You can get some nice sized catfish without trying for the trophies. Any size catfish makes a great catch when you have the right recipes for making them for the table. Fish at night. Catfish are night feeders, but will feed during the day at times. Right after dark, you should get the boat out and find the area where the cats are lurking and waiting for food. The idea time is at night with a boat in the deeper waters. It is possible to catch some closer to shore, but it has to have the right conditions. Keep these tips in mind and you will catch some fish for the table.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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