Can you recommend a good way of setting up trotlines?

Can you recomment a good way of setting up trotlines?

Trotlines have long been used by people who want to be able to bring home a good catch while not being tied to a fishing pole. Trot lines are very effective in that respect, and are actually very simple and easy to construct and utilize. The main job when it comes to using a trot line is just getting your line constructed and getting the hang of using it. Actually setting it out and bringing it in is not so complicated. Trotlines can be used in any body of water, all year long, whether it is in deep or shallow water. To get started, you will need a long piece of fishing line, you will tie on a leader every 2 to 3 feet, and attach a hook to the leader. The hook size will be proportional to the size fish you hope to catch. Then you will want to tie off or anchor the ends of the line on both sides of a waterway. The most common length is usually about 75 to 100 feet long. Just be sure to check the laws of the Game and Fish in your state to be sure you do not try to set a trot line longer than the current restrictions allow. Another factor to consider is the ease of taking care of your trotline. Most fishermen usually place from 25 to 50 baited hooks on a trotline, but it really is easier, particularly for new trotline fishermen if you keep it closer to the lower end of that figure. Be sure to consider things like current and wind, and anchor securely to be sure your line stays where you want it to. Set out your baited trotline, then check it at dusk and dawn, for best results.

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