Catfish Lures

So how can this help you when using catfish lures? Remember that the catfish can detect many different senses so the more senses that your lure attends to, the more likely the catfish will respond to it. Lures of color (in clear water), ones that make noise, that smell, etc are all very productive in catching the attention of the catfish.

You need to tailor the lures which you plan to use based on the waters and conditions you will be fishing in. For example, if using a lure with no sound and no scent in muddy waters where the catfish cannot see it either, then it is basically useless and will not likely catch you any fish, unless by random chance he stumbles upon it. However, if fishing in muddy waters and you use a scented lure with sound effects as it flows through the water, then it is much more likely to be affective at catching the cat.

If using unscented lures, you can also increase your chances of the cat being attracted to it by attaching a worm or piece of cut bait to the tip which the catfish will be able to smell. Since many catfish such as flatheads are found in dense cover around debris so it is a good idea to use baits that work well in these types of conditions such as live baitfish, crankbaits, jigs, spoons and spinners.

So is it a good idea to fish for catfish with lures? Really it depends on what you’re going for. If you want to catch more catfish or the biggest catfish, then you will want to stick to the more traditional tried and true methods of catching them but if you just happen to be out of your other bait or find yourself in a river of cat that you weren’t expecting, or if you just want to challenge yourself with the use of lures, then go ahead and try catfish lures.

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