Cat Fish Bait

Another of the popular live bait is the worm or night crawlers.  These are very effective at entice the cats to bite.  They also leave a strong scent trail for the catfish to follow.  As you can see, baits that have strong scents that the catfish can smell are going to work well and this is going to be the main theme when it comes to baits, live or not, that are going to attract the fickle catfish.

3.      Soap – Many are probably thinking that this is crazy.  What fish is going to strike on soap?  Well, the catfish are.  They particularly like lye soaps and soaps that have virtually no scent at all.  At least to you, they are not going to have any scent.  While lye soap can be hard to come by these days, making your own is not very difficult.  There are many good sites online that offer recipes for lye soap.  Basically all you need is wood ashes and lard.

While mixing it is a bit more complicated, the recipes online are going to offer all the steps that are taken to make this soap.  Many old timers on the lakes, rivers and ponds where the catfish are caught swear by the use of this soap.

Those who would prefer not to get too creative in making their own soap can try the regular bar of Ivory soap.  You do not want to get the type that has any scent like lavender or any other fragrance added to it.  Soaps that have been scented in this way are not going to attract the catfish.  Stick with plain old bars of Ivory soap and you are going to be on your way to catching cats with what most people wash with.

Those who want to catch catfish should bring at least these three types of bait. If one is not bringing in the cats, switch to another type.  Many fishermen who go for catfish also bring a few different lures to use in conjunction with the baits.  It can take some trial and error, but eventually you are going to come up with a combination of the baits and lures that are going to attract the catfish in the area that you are fishing.

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