Catching Saltwater Catfish – What types of catfish are caught in saltwater

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When you go catfishing it is best to use bait that has a scent to it because they have very poor eyesight. However, they do have an extremely sensitive sense of smell that leads them to the food source. For this reason catfish tend to go after bait that smells much faster than anything else.

Catfish have adapted well to their environment and are use to a certain type of food source. This is the main reason it is very important that you make sure the bait you use is something that resembles the food they eat naturally. They will be attracted to it faster and they tend to pass by anything that is unfamiliar to them. The larger catfish will often feed off of smaller dead fish so as a general rule using dead bait normally works best although they will feed off of live bait as well.

Catfish can be caught by using artificial bait if it is presented correctly but it is not the best bait to use. These fish are not predators and not very aggressive. In fact, many anglers consider them to be very lazy which is why they tend to eat what is convenient. Therefore, if you make the artificial bait interesting and convenient, then you may get some decent results.

Although many angles believe that early morning or late evening is the best time to go fishing for catfish you will be happy to know that this particular species tend to bite anytime they are hungry regardless of the time of day. Make sure you exercise patients and give the catfish time to swallow the bait before setting the hook. Otherwise, you will most likely jerk it right out of their mouth. Remember to always be careful when handling saltwater catfish to make sure you don’t get stuck by their fins.

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