Catfish Bait

Probably the most simple catfish bait that you can find is the worm. Stringing a night crawler on a hook is one of the easiest ways to attract catfish and coax them into taking a big bite. Because they are a naturally occurring feed, they smell natural to the cats and can produce excellent results. In terms of choosing night crawlers, the bigger and juicier worms are always better. Even little cats like huge worms, so if you can’t find large worms, string two or three smaller ones on a hook at the same time. Suspend the worm beneath the float, with the catfish bait hanging just barely above the bottom. Cast out around stumps or the bases of flooded trees for great results. You can also use them with Carolina rigs in swift rivers. Because night crawlers aren’t messy and don’t have to be cut up, they are a terrific option for introducing children to angling, and these and other worms can even be dug up by the kids in the backyard before a family outing, meaning that there is no cost involved in this catfish bait.

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