catfish fishing lures to use and when

4 catfish fishing lures to use and when:

1.       Spinners – Spinners with rattles will work great in dark murky water because the catfish will be attracted by the sound drawing them in your direction.

2.       Spoons – Spoons will also work in murky waters because they are shiny and flashy, which will get the attention of the catfish.

3.       Jigs – Jigs can be used in most any type of water that you’re fishing in. They work great when you use them around piers and other shaded areas.

4.       Soft Plastic Lures – The best soft plastic lures are the ones that resemble minnows and worms. The best time to use these would be when fishing in clear water. Since the catfish has excellent eyesight, they would be able to see them off in the distance, drawing them in your direction.

You’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes with each one of these lures so you can try different ones until you find what works best. Keep in mind that you need to match the lure with the size of fish you’re seeking out for the best results.

You can also cover your lures with a spray that will give them a strong smell. This will add to their effectiveness because the smell will draw the catfish in your direction increasing your chances of getting more bites. The more strikes you get the more opportunities you have for reeling in a great catch.

A Few Basic Fishing Tips

Here are a few tips that can help make your catfish fishing adventures more productive regardless of what type of bait you choose to use. Give yourself about fifteen to twenty minutes in one spot and if you don’t have any bites by then, move to a new area. However, it’s recommended that you don’t move a long distance at a time or you may end up skipping over them.

If the bait that you’re using does not seem to be producing the results you want, try switching to something else. When you think you have a bite, set the hook with a quick but hard jerk and this should hook him good enough to reel him on in. If the catfish swallows the hook you may find it difficult to get it out.

This is the reason that experienced anglers carry along hook removers or a pair of pliers. Be careful not to get stuck by the spines when removing the hook. Some of these can be very painful.

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