Catfish Fishing Pole Reviews – A Look at Some of the Best

Orvis – Your Great-Granddaddy’s Fishing Pole

Orvis is another popular brand that offers a wide variety of rods. These are durable and high quality, but most of all they are covered by a 25 year guarantee. Personally, I never expect to be using a rod for that long, but Orvis guarantees that they will either fix it or give you another one if your rod breaks.

Orvis has been around for over a hundred years. This means that they were making fishing rods when your great grand-dad was skipping rocks! They have lots of experience making rods and stand by their high standard of quality. The Trident series and Streamline series are just a couple of the popular rods made by Orvis.

Shimano – Lots To Choose From

Another company known for its good warrantees and customer service is Shimano. They also make great poles. Their Crucial series is their most popular. It is made with remarkable attention to detail. Many anglers who prefer Shimano’s poles like them because the tip is so fast. They are also light and durable.

Shimano has lots of special features in their poles that you won’t see anywhere else, like the split rear grip which makes the pole lighter and gives you more control. There are lots of models made by Shimano and all have special features that make them stand out.

Once you’ve picked out a pole that you like, you can start pulling in those big fish. Even more importantly, you can start arguing with your fishing buddies about why yours is better than theirs!

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