Catfish Fishing Records

Catfish fishing records include white catfish (a species less common than channel catfish and about the same size on average), the record now standing at 22 pounds, set in 1994 in California at William Lake Park Pond in Sacramento. There are also the black, brown, and yellow bullheads, though these are all amazingly small fish. Out of these, the largest is the black bullhead, and the record for this is a mere 8 pounds, set in New York back in 1951.

If you really want to be amazed by catfish fishing records, you have to leave the United States. Interestingly enough, a catfish is the largest freshwater fish ever recorded, and it was not even caught on purpose – perhaps this would not even qualify as a “fishing” record per say. The giant catfish is a breed swimming in the rivers of Asia, and in 2005, the largest fish ever captured from freshwater was recorded in Thailand. This giant catfish was a whopping 646 pounds and incredibly near nine feet in length.

State records are also kept within the United States. For more information on records in your state, you can check with IGFA or with your state parks and wildlife or game and fishing departments. After all, you’ll want to be aware of it when you catch the next state record breaker!

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