Catfish Fishing Techniques

The blue catfish is one of the few fish species that grow larger than the flathead. Blue catfish fishing techniques tend to resemble those used to hook flatheads, though the locations in which blues are found are quite different from those preferred by flatheads. Blues prefer to remain in a fast moving current, so one important blue catfish fishing technique is to be sure to use a heavy enough sinker to hold your bait on the bottom in the strong current. Also, blues are not quite as picky about their food preferences. While they do prefer live bait and sometimes hunt for their own food, they still earn the badge of scavengers, taking every opportunity to eat. Large minnows, small shad, and multiple night crawlers will probably elicit the greatest number of bites, though stink bait or pieces of chicken liver also provide a tried and true solution. Blues are often found along ridges and in holes in fast moving current and will often shelter behind a rock ridge or other similar structure in order to rest or feed.

When it comes to rigging, catfish fishing techniques vary based on angler preference. Many anglers like using the Carolina rig for catfish fishing, though others argue for other preferred methods. Any way you look at it, catfish fishing techniques are just suggestions that come from experienced fishermen, looking to offer their knowledge for the assistance of others. In the worst case, none of these suggestions will work for you, and you’ll simply find new catfish fishing technique to share with others.

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