Catfish Fishing Tips

The blue catfish is one of the few fish species that grow larger than the flathead. In fact, it is one of the few fish in North America that reaches weights of over 70 and 80 pounds on a fairly regular basis. Blue catfish fishing tips are, in some ways, quite similar to those offered for flatheads, though locations may vary. Also, blues are not quite as picky about their food preferences. While they do prefer live bait and will often hunt for their own food, they are still scavengers, taking every opportunity to eat. Use of large minnows, small shad, and multiple night crawlers will probably elicit the best response from these monsters, but stink bait or pieces of chicken liver can also be of great reward. One catfish fishing tip in relation to seeking out blue cats is to find fast moving currents. In fact, some anglers are of the opinion that, if you aren’t a bit scared of getting out of control in a strong current, you aren’t trying hard enough to find the blues. They prefer ridges and holes in fast moving current and will often shelter behind a rock ridge or other similar structure in order to rest or feed.

As you can see, there are different catfish fishing tips affecting various target species of catfish, but by taking advantage of the information you find regarding fishing for any of these tasty fish, you can have an extremely successful fishing excursion.

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