Catfish Information You Need to Know

Use the Right Equipment – There are many different sizes of catfish.  It is important that you are using the correct equipment for the size of the fish you are going for.  If you are looking at trophy size fish, you want to use some strong test line along with a metal leader that can not be bit through.

These larger fish are going to put up quite a fight so you want a strong rod as well.  Alternatively, if you are only fishing for the smaller sizes that are great for eating, you are not going to need all the heavy duty equipment that is necessary for the trophy size cats.  You are still going to need to have hooks of the proper size along with a metal leader that can not be bit through.

Know What Type of Fishing is best on the Lake – There are many different ways to fish.  Each lake is going to offer different ways to be fished.  Some lakes are going to offer more catfish from the shore while others are going to require a boat.  A boat can be used in a couple of different ways as well.  A popular way to fish for catfish from a boat is by trolling.

Trolling needs a small powered motor that pushes the boat slowly.  The line is sent down to the bottom of the lake and allowed to move behind the boat.  The puts the bait directly in the path of the catfish.  Make sure that you are trolling slowly enough so that the scent of the bait can leave a trail for the cats to follow.

Drifting is another popular method for catching catfish.  This is letting the boat sit without any motor running or any anchor being dropped.  You simply throw out your line and allow the boat to move with the current or the wind on the lake.  You may need to run the motor once in a while to maintain your basic position but that is all it is going to need to be ran.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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