Catfish Rods

In the line of budget catfish rods, the Cabela King Kat is a pretty solid choice for small rivers. Selling for about $20 each, the King Kat is available in five spinning options and three casting options. It is constructed with tough E-Glass, double foot ceramic guides, and a bright tip for night-time bait. All options come in two pieces, with the bottom half containing EVA foam grip handles and stainless steel hoods on the reel seats. It’s a good starter rod, especially for a young angler, and it’s also a great last-minute piece of equipment that you can just toss in the back of the truck, since it’s not expensive to replace.

Also in the budget catfish rods category is the HT Enterprises Ol’ Whiskers, which will run you a measly $12-19, depending on the exact model you choose. With three casting and five spinning options, the rods look great, with extra long foam handles, sure-loc reel seats, and ceramic guides. The rod itself is all white with an orange glow in the dark tip, which really keeps the rod bright after dark. Except for the 6’6” model, all of the rod options are two-piece, and the toughest has the potential for 30 pound test. This is definitely the most affordable rod on the market, and at the same time, HT has kept quality as an important part of their production line. For small rivers and channel cats, there is no better choice.

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