Catfish Species

what are the different types of catfish.

There are several different types of Catfish that are common sport fishing species. The smallest for of Catfish is the Bullhead. There are three different species of Bullheads that are differentiated mainly by their color. Each of them is caught very easily, some common baits include minnows, worms, hot dog pieces, dough and a variety of commercially made stink baits. They are a course of constant action for children as they are always willing to grab onto a hook it seems. They average four to six inches but have been caught much larger than this size. The most common sport Catfish is the Channel Catfish. This fish is found throughout the United States. Anglers catch this fish as small as a foot long and as large as thirty pound or more. Chances are if you find a river that is clean enough to hold fish it will contain Channel Catfish. You can catch this species with a variety of different baits. It has been my experience that small live fish work best, followed by nitecrawlers. You can also catch the Channel Catfish on a variety of commercially prepared baits or on cut fresh fish. For the true trophy angler there is the Flathead Catfish and the Blue Catfish. These are the larger species of Catfish. Blue Catfish are often caught in excess of one hundred pounds. Fishing these species requires a heavy rod, powerful reel and large sturdy hooks. I have used bait as large as twelve inches long when fishing for large Blues.

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One Response to “Catfish Species”

  1. richard sellers says:

    need help in identifing the catfish iam catching in my 20 arce private lake.these catfish are a green in color with a real white belly, good eating. are these a catfish or a bull head?
    i live in lower southwest michigan about 20 miles west of south haven. i have never seen this color bullhead or catfish in all my fishing years in michigan.your input would be very helpful. thank you

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