Catfish Tips and Techniques – Must Know Tips for Every Angler

– Sharpen your hooks. Catfish skin is particularly slippery and hard to pierce. A hook that is even the slightest bit dull won’t do you any good catching catfish. Even when you buy brand new hooks from the store, sharpen them before you head out. Those hooks need to be extra sharp or they will slip right by them.

– Circle hooks. Some catfish anglers swear by circle hooks. They say that the catfish just seem to come along and hook themselves right on. If you haven’t used circle hooks before, you might want to experiment and judge for yourself. These hooks loop up further than the traditional J-shaped hoops, so as the fish tries to pull away, the hook gets stuck deeper.

– Keep your line tight. One of the reasons some people catch tons of cats and others don’t get a bite is because they don’t feel it when a cat comes and nips at your line. They have a habit of taking your bait right off the hook and going on their merry way. If you keep your line tight, you’ll feel it when he comes along and nibbles. You might also want to try a fishing technique called tightlining.

– Move around. If you’re not getting bites, switch to another spot. Some anglers spend weeks trying different parts of a lake until they find just the right one.

– Be quiet. For some reason, catfish seem to be really sensitive to noise. That’s why you have to keep quiet when you’re trying to catch cats. They are also extra sensitive to light, so be careful with flashlights and things.

– Talk to other anglers. Every lake or stream is different, and you can learn a lot by talking to other anglers in your area. These little tips are priceless, they come from the knowledge these guys have of their area. Also, join forums and discussions online where you can compare notes with other anglers.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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