Catfishing Gear To Pack

You will also want to bring either a live fish storage tank or a stringer that will be strong enough to keep the fish near you without the fish being able to break free.  There are many styles and type of stringers, find one that works well for you and the size of fish you are planning on brining in.  If you are simply going for larger trophy fish that you will catch and release, then this is not an important item.

One of the most important pieces of gear for catfishing is the bait.  Catfish are known to be incredible picky.  Bait that will excite them for an hour or two will be left dangling after that.  This is why you need to bring a few different types of bait.  You want to entice them with many different tastes so that they will want to take some type of bait.  You may get lucky and the first bait you use will get you a good deal of fish.

On the other hand, you can bring ten different types of bait and not get one hit.  Such is the nature of catfishing.  But if you bring a variety of bait, you will more than likely find one that will be effective for the day.  Only bringing one type of bait can make for a long day of not catching any fish.  Some common catfish baits are shad, chicken livers, night crawlers and the crawfish.

Finally, you want to have a good deal of patience packed when you go catfishing!  As previously stated, catfish are picky and you may have to wait a few hours or nearly all day before you actually get a strike on your line.  Having patience will be the best tool you can have.  All the bait, rods and reels will do you no good if you give up before you find an area or bait that will bring in the cats.

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