Catfishing Tackle

If you want to aim for heavier fish, you’ll need heavier gear. Catfishing tackle for specimens in the three to fifteen pound range can include prepared baits. Some of these will mold around a No. 6 treble hook, while others would be used to dip the hook in for a coating. Fish these with a split shot, Dipsey or bullet sinker about 18 inches up the line with a crimp or peg to avoid sliding. While live bait is preferred by most anglers as well as by catfish, you could also try rigging up artificials from time to time. One of the favored ways to employ catfishing tackle for medium sized catfish is to use lures as a vertical jig, probing areas of cover or structures with a ½ ounce slab spoon.

For the really large fish, you’ll need heavy catfishing tackle. For these monsters, you’ll need heavy-duty models of rods, reels, rod holders, and line that are sturdy and strong to hold up against the weight of such a large fighter. You could opt to use rods that are actually designed for medium-duty saltwater use, as these will be quite indestructible. Aim for models 6-1/2 feet to 8 feet long, and spool 20-50 pound test line to complete your heavy duty setup. Above all, lift a few weights yourself before putting up the struggle to reel in one of these babies!

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