Catfishing Tackle Recommendations

The easiest ways to succeed with this is by bait-casting or use a spin rig in lakes and rivers of medium size. Some people try lures but they typically do not work as well as live bait for the catfish. Again, this goes back to their sense of smell so some scented lures may prove successful. You do not need heavy gear if you are fishing for lighter species or in smaller bodies of water.

If fishing in deeper waters, for heavier species or from a boat, you may need to compensate with larger tackle. Your cat fish will likely be larger and heavier and it will take more to bring them in. It’s important that you use line strong enough to support the catch. Many people when fishing from a boat will also have a catfish net to help bring those extra large, heavy catches in with less strain on your rod and line.

You can also fish for larger catfish with heavier tackle by wading. Many fishermen enjoy deep wading for catfish in rivers, lakes and even larger streams. It can be a great way to cool down in the warm summer heat as well. With a great pair of waders and some simple tackle that’s easy to carry, you can have everything that you need to catch great catfish right on your person. This makes it easy to get in, make a catch and get out.

Always be sure your hooks are big enough and strong enough for the type of cat fish you are fishing for. As far as the bait goes, small minnows are easy to bring along. If wading, you can place them in a floating bucket attached to your waist. If cat-fishing from a boat, the beloved catfish stinkbait is a favorite option as well. Lures are usually used as a last resort and live bait is preferred. You can always bring some lures along just in case or for if you aren’t having luck with your live bait.

When you follow these catfishing tackle recommendations, you can have a wonderful catfishing experience no matter how often you go.

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