Channel Catfish Fishing

There are other methods of channel catfish fishing besides using a rod and reel. Commercial fishermen will often catch this variety, which is never in short supply, with either trotlines or hoop nets. In some areas, noodling is a popular sport. This is where you fish with your bare hands by wading into a river, reaching under rocks, into holes, and through crevices, searching for a channel cat that will take a good nip at your fingers, hand, or whole arm so that you can grab the inside of its jaw or its gills for a good grip and yank it out. While it sounds crazy and is actually illegal in some states, it is sort of a strange, dangerous way to fish for a creature that has sharp teeth.

The truly great thing about channel catfish fishing is that this particular breed of catfish is great for cooking, typically being a beautiful size to filet, and is also considered one of the tastiest fish you can catch. Be sure that you check your local and state regulations regarding daily limits and size limitations before over fishing (in order to allow smaller, younger fish to grow, there are sometimes minimum weight or length requirements).

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