Chicken Livers for Bait

What bait can I make with chicken livers that can pull up more than a 5 pound catfish.I can only catch those 10 to 15 inch catfish please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing you need to consider whenever you are fishing is matching the size of the bait to the size fish you hope to catch, but that being understood, here are some recipes using liver that are sure to get the really big monster cats sniffing around before they gobble up your bait: Liver-Koolaid Bait Mix together the following: 1 Cup Flour 1 Package red soft drink mix 1 Minced clove of garlic 1 Minced onion � C Limburger cheese � C salt 2 T Vinegar Water to form dough. 2 lbs. spoiled chicken liver Mix this together using a blender or food processor. Add toilet paper, cattails, or flour to make a consistency to form the bait balls. If needed, you may wrap balls in old pantyhose to help it stay on your hook. Liver Worm Blended Bait � pound turkey, chicken, beef, or pork liver 2 dozen worms or night crawlers 1 Can fine cut Copenhagen **Put in a blender and blend until smooth. Add: 2 T garlic salt and stir well. Add enough cotton balls to absorb most of this liquid. Use flour and corn meal mixed together to add to this to give it a good consistency. This cotton ball bait will be good enough to attract the most finicky catfish, yet it will stay on a single or treble hook and make it difficult for the fish to steal! Another good but easy recipe utilizing liver that is good to catch big catfish is the following: Sun dry about 2 pounds of liver for a day. Almost any kind of liver will work well, even though lots of people think it needs to be chicken liver. Beef liver is really bloody and it works very well. Sun dry your liver for a day, put in a container, add water and a box of salt. Let stand for a day. Pour out the water, add a pinch of Thai peppers and a bottle of Thai fish sauce. Let it marinate for a few hours and use it to bait your hook.

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2 Responses to “Chicken Livers for Bait”

  1. Doug Barcroft says:

    Be careful about salmonella using raw spoiled chicken livers. I got salmonella last year and was very ill for 2 full weeks. You don’t want to mess with that, always wash very well any time you deal with raw or rotten chicken. I mean scrub with soap, not dip your hands in the river.

    For large catfish, there are better, more proven baits than livers, such as live fish or cutbait. The trick is more about finding the habitat of the large fish and targetting them than putting out a bait where the fish come to you. You can catch a lot of “eater” sized fish on stink-baits and livers, but getting large fish consistantly, at least in the north where I am from, is more like hunting.

  2. Seth says:

    If you are going after large catfish then just forget about using chicken livers. Most people think that chicken livers are a great bait, which they can be, but not really for anything big. If you want something big try using fresh cut bait, or live bait.

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