Clendening Lake Flatheads

i am going to clendening lake on the 15th of june, where should i concentrate my efforts to catch flatheads. ive never been thre this time of year.we normally use limblines to catch the big ones .

Clendening Lake in the southwestern part of Harrison county, in Nottinham and Washington townships is actually home to the state record flathead catfish, which weighed in at 76 pounds, 8 ounces, and was caught in 1979. There is a lot of use of bank lines, limb lines, and jug lines, and without a doubt, the flathead in Clendening Lake will respond to that method of fishing, but the reel thrill (pun intended) comes from using a rod and reel! If you intend to use limb or jugline fishing, check regulations in your area before you chum or set the lines, but use cut bait that is proportional to the size fish you hope to catch, and remember that some really big flathead are pulled from Clendening every summer on set lines! During the summer months, no matter what your fishing method when it comes to getting a nice flathead on the line, your best bet on catching flathead is to fish at night. Whenever the water heats up, the flathead, particularly the big ones, are going to seek deeper water, and become less active. Never the less, they are still going to take advantage of what they see as a good, easy meal. They come up nearer the surface at night to feed on the smaller fish that are feeding on insects and other surface forage, so adjust your depth for night time fishing, and use a wounded minnow presentation with live bait, or substitute other natural bait found in the area such as cut bait. If you are going to fish during the daytime, concentrate on the deep water areas which have depressions, ledges, or other structure near a feeder or moving water. The flathead often nestle down deep in the cooler, shaded areas, and just wait for the current to carry an unsuspecting meal their way. Wounded minnow presentations always seem to work really well in daytime fishing during the warmer summer months. There is just something about the presentation that the flathead just can not resist.

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