Do you have a chicken liver recipe with brown sugar added?

i had a receip for making chicken livers tuff and juicey and i canot find it . this is what i remeber about itt you put livers in gallon jar then i think it was brown sugar and salt .let it sit out side for 2 are 3 days then use them to fish with it worked good .but i dont rember how much sugar and how much salt if that is what it was could you please help me as i am disabled and wants to fish thanks rusty

I don’t have a recipe with brown sugar, but I do have a recipe for chicken livers that works very well. You use the chicken livers directly out of the bucket or you can make the dough balls out of the chicken livers. Here is the recipe I have for chicken livers, but there is no brown sugar. Chicken livers Jar of garlic Flour Water Five-gallon bucket and lid (tight lid) Place the chicken livers in a five-gallon bucket and mix. Then add the garlic, water, and mix. Let the bucket sit for two days outside in the heat. Then remove the lid and add flour until the mixture becomes thick. Then replace the lid and let stand for four more days. When you are ready to fish, place the doughy mixture in nylon pouches you make from an old pair of pantyhose to hold it together in the water. This is going to smell, which is why it attracts the catfish. Their sense of smell is incredible and smelly things that loom of death will bring them running to you and the bait. You can roll the dough balls after the mixture sits and refrigerate or roll the balls on the day you go fishing. The nylon pouch helps hold the dough together since it can breakdown in the water in time. The nylon helps keep it together until you get a bite. Sorry I don’t have one for brown sugar. I had one recipe that used white sugar and that was about one cup if that helps.

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