Do you Know how to make smelly catfish bait?

do you know to make smelly catfish bait

Here are two recipes that I have posted before. These are pretty smelly and can attract the catfish. You will find that both of these recipes are easy to make and work well for catfish fishing. Old Meat Catfish Recipe This recipe can help you clean out the freezer from all those meats that you forgot you had and they are now old and freezer burnt. Any old freezer meat Garlic Flour Water Allow the old meat to thaw out in a bowl. You want to keep any juice and blood that comes out as the meat thaws. Then place the meat and blood into a blender and grind up. Place this mix to a bowl and add the garlic. Then add flour and water to make a doughy mixture. The mixture needs to be thick and as hard as you can get it. Then divide the dough mixture up and roll into balls. Place in a zip lock bag and refrigerate so that they get hard. When you are ready to fish, place the dough ball in nylon pouches you make from an old pair of nylons to hold it together in the water. Hair of the Dog Catfish Bait Recipe 1 can of dog food 1 pound of cheese Raw beef Garlic salt Garlic clove Flour Add the first five ingredients into a blender and mix. Then add some flour and gradually make the mixture hard. This recipe is good for using bait tubes to present the bait.

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  1. Brandon Keys says:

    Cheap hotdogs, vinegar and minced garlic. Just pu the hotdogs in a jar or a bowl cover it with vinegar and add some minced garlic to it and leave it in the fridge a day or two. The wennies will get hard from the vinegar and the stay on a hook pretty good. Great for fishing with yo yo’s!

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